CHARACTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Weee!

Okay, after almost 50 comics, I think I got Sinister and Evil's personalities down. If you check out the archive [which I highly recommend!] you'll plainly see thier changes of personality throughout the entire strip. But, ever since the Pasta Pot story started, I got a idea of what thier personalities should be. So, here's the revised character section with a little idea what Sinister& Evil's world is like.


SINISTER......What can I say..... He's an idiot. Not only an idiot, but, the BEST kind of idiot. An idiot that doesn't know he's an idiot, or, at least, won't admit it to anybody. He has too much pride to admit it! He's the kinda person that has "no flaws," in his mind at least. He's also willing to try anything once to prove that he's better than whoever. And he also thinks that everyone else in the world is a complete moron, and should follow his lead. Kind of an asshole that way.


EVIL.......At first, I wanted Evil to be the kind of person to be a little scared of whatever Sinister dragged him into. And a little nervous, at that.... Then, I scrapped that and made him an anti-social, cynical bastard, who wants to do nothing more than kick back and relax, alone. So, with that in mind, you can image how much he just despises Sinister when he drags Evil along on some stupid trip.